2021 Blessing Box Donations

Posted on November 14th, 2021

JTI has teamed up with Under The Horizon Pottery and Arts Studio to collect donations for the upcoming holiday season. View the official announcement here (in PDF format).

The list below are items that the Make Him Matter (mHm) donation base needs for their annual Blessing Box donations.

ItemsCount NeededItemsCount Needed
Bagged Rice40Gravy32
Boxed Cereal40Instant Mashed Potatoes40
Boxed Mac & Cheese27Jelly36
Canned Chicken40Oatmeal40
Canned Fruit31Pancake Mix40
Canned Green Beans9Pasta40
Canned Meals27Pasta Sauce40
Canned Peas25Peanut Butter32
Canned Soup30Powdered Drink Mix40
Canned Tuna or Salmon40Powdered Milk40
Flour40Tea Bags40
Granola Bars40

In addition to this year’s donations, below is a list of items towards domestic violence survivors. The newly expanded program called “Donna’s Dream” will be a monthly program.

ItemsCount Needed
Laundry Detergent40
Diapers (all sizes)40
Baby Wipes40
Baby Bath Soap40
Feminine pads40

Visit Under The Horizon on their website at

JTI Sponsored Local Varsity Soccer Team

Posted on February 2nd, 2017

Jacoby Transportation Inc. sponsored Upper Adams Boys Varsity Soccer Team for their Summer Team Camp at Gettysburg College and the 5 Angels Tournament including T-shirts.